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Self Indulgence

Don’t talk to me today,
of the weather’s petulant games,
or of the arch enemy vanquished at the watercooler,
not even of the offsprings’ latest fete – I love them, but not today.
Don’t talk.
I have been deep in the trenches,
and have come up – to you,
to breathe the wind on my face
in your gentle company.



i am envious of the cats in the family

They always land on their feet, to reach eight lives and then nine.

From the mangy old dog that fetches mail, but bites the postman,

What shall i morph to,sheila-wolk-metamorphosis[1]

A Dragon?

A Horse?

A Zombie?

Got it! A Dolphin I shall be.

Stars in the Sky

We have done this often enough-

plucked a star from some distant sky,

holding  it close and dark in our fist,

then cautiously open palmed, mouthed a big ‘O’ to blow hard,

coaxed it aglow, as though an ember;

and watched, in dismay the crumbling soot,

or ouch, in quick panic let go the rock burning our hands.

We have done this too often

even for us.

Simple Pleasures

The weatherman had said that it would rain,

but it stayed a sunny sixty five.

The drive to the shore, on this warm Sunday, should have taken us  over an hour.

We reached early, just past noon.

The boardwalk was extraordinarily wide, and not crowded, or littered

Street musicians had set up for the afternoon.

The empanadas in the restaurant were baked not fried.

We could see the summer sea from where we sat.

While waiting for the show to begin, I went back to my book,

back to small town Baltimore in a slower time.

Asbury Park bus

I glanced up to see the beach bus  go past the half closed door.

It was painted a purplish-maroon, like in Enid Blyton.


That reminded me of the time I felt Irrationally happy

that my seat was upgraded.

I am not sure why, but I am glad I noticed ,

all the things that went right,

And made today.

Asbury Park 3