I have to confess this, I believe LISTs.

If I am given any information in the form of a numbered list, especially if it is a link from a blog or article, I will unquestioningly believe that it is well researched by experts, that it is agenda free and is accurate. I will, against my own reason and logic use the list to make choices, persuade others and also adjust my self esteem by the viewpoint in the list.                                                                                                                                     list

For example, this fall, you can see me wonderstruck at the kids who get into the Top Colleges listed by US News and Princeton Review. It doesn’t seem to make a difference that I know that their methodology is similar to ranking marriages based on how beautiful the bride looked on her wedding day. I agonize that my kid will certainly pick one of the subjects listed “Most useless Majors for a career”. [BTW, English and Philosophy lead this list. Never mind Hank Paulson, Michael Reisner, Carly Fiona and Toni Morrison, are all English majors.] My dentist’s waiting room read includes “Most well dressed men in the WORLD” by Joan XoXo of Dishrag magazine. Continue reading Listomania