Photo Credit:  Jay Nair
Photo Credit: Jay Nair

Mugglemuse is my space to share my impressions of what I observe, read, watch or feel.

I have been using  Facebook for  all my online social interactions, and am quite pleased with how it helps me stay in touch with friends all over the world. But FB is such a happy, celebratory place, sort of like  a wedding or a Thanksgiving celebration, that I feel constrained to write  pleasantly about the inherent goodness of the world and/or  humorously about my adventures raising my kid.

I am not always pleasant.

Some days, I am FINE. (Frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional). Sometimes, I NEED to write politically incorrect things that may offend my friends. Sometimes, I think about nerdy stuff that only people with my special interest will understand or care about.

Mugglemuse is where I do this, where I just let go.

Bee in my bonnet: This category has longer pieces (>250 words) on topics that  have buzzed in my head for some time.

In a few words:  Has quick impressions  from everyday life.

Blank verse: Is what it sounds like, pseudo poems.

On the left sidebar you will find the books that I am reading and those that I have read recently and recommend highly. Click on the name of the book and you can find out more details about the book on the Goodreads website.

You can  try the  featured posts on the header or top rated posts on the  right sidebar, to go directly to what others said are the best posts.

Go on and checkout the blog and rate the posts so I know what you like.

Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog (beanbag tales). Your project and blog on libraries is very interesting especially since different people are talking about their fav library.
    I’ve never really been fond of libraries and your comment and later on, your blog, took me down memory lane to the various libraries of MY life. And they’re not many. The sad part is that in this crazy city I live in (Karachi), there are hardly any good public libraries. Private clubs (Sindh Club, Karachi Gymkhana etc), universities and colleges have respectable libraries but they are not accessible to public and I’ve not visited the few that are.
    Good luck with your search for fav libraries. We need to talk about quiet reading and writing spaces to make people realise that what the world needs is more libraries and small book stores and less cafe’s and malls.


    1. Farheen: Thank you for checking the blog out and responding. Your comment has, for some reason come to my “other” blog. I’d like to post it on Libraries Of Our Lives. Hope that is okay.


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