10 Harry Potter Spells I Could Use

Accio:  To fetch car keys, identity cards , homework etc without a search operation.

Confundo: To use on teachers, customers etc when homework is not done, deliverables are not ready etc.

Expelliarmus: To use against opposition before any negotiation.

Homonem Revelio:  To use at the USCIS,  in banks etc to find out if there is at least one human being left at the counters

Locomotor: Obviously, to get heavy furniture and book bags of children up the stairs.

Muffliato: To discuss proposals, finances etc in crowded cafes, can also be used to have full blown quarrel in public.

Obliviate: To forget.. When things are really bad. [ Seems better than substance abuse]

Riddikkulus:  To see monster-under-the- bed, the angry boss and snooty in laws , for what they really are.

Sliencio: To use on the loud cell phone user in the next seat.

And of course,
The Room of Requirement: To find bathrooms instantly when traveling with small children.



i am envious of the cats in the family

They always land on their feet, to reach eight lives and then nine.

From the mangy old dog that fetches mail, but bites the postman,

What shall i morph to,sheila-wolk-metamorphosis[1]

A Dragon?

A Horse?

A Zombie?

Got it! A Dolphin I shall be.

Stars in the Sky

We have done this often enough-

plucked a star from some distant sky,

holding  it close and dark in our fist,

then cautiously open palmed, mouthed a big ‘O’ to blow hard,

coaxed it aglow, as though an ember;

and watched, in dismay the crumbling soot,

or ouch, in quick panic let go the rock burning our hands.

We have done this too often

even for us.