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In My Mother’s Hometown

My earliest memory of my mother’s hometown is of waiting.

Braving the heat of the noon, my brother, sister and I would wait impatiently at the gate for our grandfather to bring us the “pal-payasam” that gave the town its fame – straight from the cauldron, right after it was offered at the temple, before tourists clamored for their share. The payasam was a rich chocolate brown in those days, not rose tinted as it is now, perhaps because of the slow cooking wood fire and the unpasteurized milk from the grass-fed cows that roamed freely. We would squabble for extra helpings, making grandfather laugh… he knew that it was too heady for us to drink in large quantities. And sure enough, soon after a heavy lunch, and the payasam, we would all sink into exhausted sleep. Nothing much happened in the afternoons anyway, except the elderly folk chewing betel nut.

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Ananthapuri 2012

Remembering the pleasant changes in Trivandrum this summer…

The Malayali has finally discovered travel, local as well as international. Loved Yatra, the beautifully produced travel quarterly that details local gems, as well as foreign lands that the superstar recommends.

After years of just showcasing their licenses, women have taken to driving and how! [ No snide remarks, please] Thank you friends, sisters, nieces and aunts for the rides.

Government control on plastic bags. Superlike the salesman at Jayaram Bakery, who coolly taught the NRI yuppie about why we shouldn’t use plastic.

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