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Kem Cho?

There’s this elderly Indian gentleman who works  the cash register at the Shoprite near our house. Looks very dignified and proper among his young co workers. He is quick and courteous but doesn’t smile or make small talk the way others do.

Then I noticed that his name tag was ” Kem Cho”.

He must be smiling to himself at his little joke behind that serious face.
Perhaps next time I will softly say “‘badhu maja ma” and walk away.


Physics Lessons at Home

Relativity:  Six weeks is a very short time when you are taking a break from work.

Law of Conservation of Stress: The total stress you can handle is a constant. If you are not working ,it simply redistributes to fill the fewer responsibilities you have.

Newton’s Law of Heating : The rate at which conversations with yist2_438134-cartoon-explosions (1)our teenager heat up is directly proportional to the number of hours you have to meddle in her business.

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