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10 Harry Potter Spells I Could Use

Accio:  To fetch car keys, identity cards , homework etc without a search operation.

Confundo: To use on teachers, customers etc when homework is not done, deliverables are not ready etc.

Expelliarmus: To use against opposition before any negotiation.

Homonem Revelio:  To use at the USCIS,  in banks etc to find out if there is at least one human being left at the counters

Locomotor: Obviously, to get heavy furniture and book bags of children up the stairs.

Muffliato: To discuss proposals, finances etc in crowded cafes, can also be used to have full blown quarrel in public.

Obliviate: To forget.. When things are really bad. [ Seems better than substance abuse]

Riddikkulus:  To see monster-under-the- bed, the angry boss and snooty in laws , for what they really are.

Sliencio: To use on the loud cell phone user in the next seat.

And of course,
The Room of Requirement: To find bathrooms instantly when traveling with small children.