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High Rising Terminals

As luck would have it, I was not aware of this phenomenon till early this week. The term actually conjured up visions of green  cathode ray terminals on the face of high rises , and jet pack refilling stations atop the skyscrapers. ( I admit jet packs are a weakness for me. I envision them at the slightest pretext.  🙂 )

But infact, this is something more insidious. For the uninitiated, like me-  High Rising Terminals ( HRT) or “uptalk” as it is called, alludes to a manner of speaking where the sentences endings have higher frequency, or a rising intonation, like a question does.  Here’s an exaggerated  illustration I saw  on You Tube.

Apparently, uptalk is on the rise (pun intended), among both men and women, who are now bringing it to the workplace. Sociologists call it an epidemic.  An article I read quoted recent research by Pearson that shows that 85% employers dislike upspeak and associated it with insecurity. They would not promote employees who spoke with that accent. The only people who were excused were the Aussies, who apparently had a obtained a license to do so long time ago.  And sure enough, one can see plenty new websites and coaches that train employees to change their career limiting inflection with assertions like “HRT is not allowed in the C Suite”.

The problem with these confident pronouncements is that, Continue reading High Rising Terminals