A.K.A. You Can’t Beat Fate

Today was a long work day.. from the foggy morning flight to the dinner meeting that went on till 9.00 PM.
But then, I had decided that I’d be good and strong and go the gym, anyway.
I told myself that this was the test of my mettle as a person etc. etc.as I whizzed proudly past the last left turn that would have taken me home.
Wasn’t it clever that I had some workout clothes in the car?
As I parked at the gym, the mayor of West Windsor pulled over beside me. Fancy that! I even had exalted company. If only I knew networking.
So, I walked in feeling really good about myself, but fate intervened. <insert ominous music>

I looked down ,
and saw my    sharkskin boots[1]


One thought on “A.K.A. You Can’t Beat Fate”

  1. Memories….

    Lendl was yet to make an impact. Bjorg was running riot but usually met his match in Connors while McEnroe was already in the horizon. Like all kids in I also wanted to learn Tennis and Trivandrum Tennis Club was nearby.PErsuaded my parents to sign me up for instruction Had to come home from school, change to the prescribed gear and go for practice.

    That day was a friends birthday. Charms of beiing the next Connors was outweighed by the offer of free icecream after school. Reached home late with almost no time to make it to the TTC which wasa a good 15 minutes run (who walks – as a 10 year old !).

    That is when I decided to become a little smart or so I thought!. I was after all properly attired – you were in school uniform shirt and shorts after all. SO grabbed the racquet and off I went and made it in time for roll call –ONLY TO BE SENT STRAIGHT BACK HOME!

    That is when I realised that Jimmy Connors did not become a champion playing tennis is Tomas Bata’s finest leather footwear!!!

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