An American Dream(girl)

One of the most lovable people in my life, is Luda, the ever cheerful lady who helps keep my house clean and tidy. Luda, Ludmilla Onishehnko, is a 57 year old Ukranian, who immigrated to the US eight years ago. She was an economist in her country, but, as she says in her inimitable style “Russia -economist:no job, no money; America-I clean– I food.”.

I feel she must have been a good economist too because, her work ethic and personal standards are so high in service- I don’t think she knows how to be anything less than excellent. I’d say we maintain some level of tidiness during the week, in honor of her efforts.

The only difficulty I have with her, is that I don’t speak her language, and she doesn’t really know any that I do. We have used the Google translator to communicate difficult concepts, and try to get by with pidgin English for the rest. It does get a bit frustrating at times.

But good news! Today, she announced, all smiles, that she is going back to school, to the local community college ,in January,to learn English and other skills.

Hats off my friend, I am so proud to know you . To start life from scratch in another country, without knowing the language, and now to study – at 57. You are indeed remarkable!


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