Ananthapuri 2012

Remembering the pleasant changes in Trivandrum this summer…

The Malayali has finally discovered travel, local as well as international. Loved Yatra, the beautifully produced travel quarterly that details local gems, as well as foreign lands that the superstar recommends.

After years of just showcasing their licenses, women have taken to driving and how! [ No snide remarks, please] Thank you friends, sisters, nieces and aunts for the rides.

Government control on plastic bags. Superlike the salesman at Jayaram Bakery, who coolly taught the NRI yuppie about why we shouldn’t use plastic.

The younger generation of girls say NO to inconvenient long dupattas, opt firmly for jeans, and Yay! Trivandrum does not seem to mind. Far cry from the cat calls that followed us in our youth.

Posters everywhere exhorting people to walk, climb stairs and not use the elevators, eat healthy etc..and ordinary people paying attention to them.

Kitchen gardens in every house, courtsey of the Horticulture department.

Gives me hope that by the next time we’d have resolved Vilappilsala and food adulteration.


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